Thursday, August 1, 2013

Stunning Winter Wedding at Pine River Ranch | Orange and Grey | Snowfall

Wow! I cannot tell you how excited I was when these beautiful wedding photos came my way. Winter in Leavenworth is absolutely breathtaking and I have always loved winter weddings. (For those of you looking at Pine River Ranch as a winter wedding venue, you'll love the off season discount of $1,000 as well!)

Nate and Krista chose the perfect February date for their wedding and although it didn't snow like they were hoping, it was a beautiful day. I was blown away by their pictures that talented wedding photographer Matt Shumate captured (Remember Matt from Kortney and Aaron's Country Chic Wedding with deer antlers and peacock feathers? He doesn't cease to amaze again!)

This is what a magical winter wedding looks like:
How did you meet:* Nate and I met at a study abroad program call Semester at Sea, where you circumnavigate the globe on a cruise ship while attending school. It so happened that we were both from Oregon and both of our families had grown up in a very small town of about 1,000 people. Crazy!

How many brides remember this squeeze? :)
I love how the touches of orange and grey were incorporated into their wedding day, right on down to the groomsmens shoes. 
What was your favorite part of the day:* My favorite part of the day was our "first look" when I finally got to see him all dressed up, and I also enjoyed being able to share this wedding with our family and friends.
Then Nate and Krista made their way through the snowy fields to capture some great images. 
How amazing is this view! With 22 acres at Pine River Ranch, there was no problems finding places to get great pictures. 
Luckily, they had proper footwear when trying to navigate the snow!
The flowers were ordered from Costco and and Krista's wonderful bridesmaids, Mother-in-Law and Mother put them all together with help from a talented friend who made all the bouquets, boutineers and corsages! 

Their ceremony took place indoors with the large barn doors open to the beautiful views of the Cascade Mountains.
Another one of my favorite shots from the night.

Krista's eyes are literally sparkling! She was glowing on her wedding day. 

What was your favorite detail or decoration:* I think the favorite detail/decoration was the venue itself we absolutely loved the property with the stunning mountain views and the amazing architecture of the barn.

And to end the night...

Any advice for future brides/grooms:* My advice would be to just go with the flow, and don't worry in the end you will be happily married and loving life!
Caterer- Ravenous Catering by David and Val who did a fantastic job!
DJ- Jed Gossman who was GREAT!
Make up- My maid of honor Marissa Hollen
Dress- we bought a a bridal boutique in Eugene Oregon Blush Bridal
Hair- My maid of honor and her fantastic mom Victoria Hollen
Flowers- Costco & My bridesmaids, mother in law, and mother put them all together, while a great friend Patty created all the bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages!

Thanks so much Krista and Nate for choosing us to share your big day with. We wish you both a loving and happy future together and can't wait to see you down the road for many, many anniversaries and other celebrations to come! 


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