Thursday, April 8, 2010

Feilds, Mountains and Meadows for beautiful Wedding Photos

Wedding Season has officially started and I wanted to sneak in a few more pictures from last years weddings while I still had a chance. The grounds look beautiful with the spring flowers in bloom so I wanted to feature some of our outdoor wedding photos.

These two photos are by Gavin Seim, I love the beautiful green fields and they reminded me of the spring time here at Pine River Ranch.
We have beautiful feilds of every color for whatever your vision may be. This shot is from Kene Sperry, but this is great to show you what the grounds look like in the other direction!
The coral is one of favorite backdrops by brides and grooms here and depending on the season has an abundant array of colorful wildflowers almost year round (except when its covered by snow!). Photo by Alex Studios

Heres a shot from a husband and wife photography team who make up Sea Studios. This doesn't exactly show off the "feilds and meadows" but I still think this is a great shot, I love her vintage lace dress!
Ok here is another one from Sea Studios that does a better job of showing the fields ;)

Well that is it for now, I'd better get back to work setting up for the next weddings. If there are any shots you would like me to showcase for any potential wedding couples just let me know: or if you were married at Pine River I would LOVE to show off your photos, send me a few of your favorites!

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