Monday, December 20, 2010

Golden Yellow August Wedding | Pine River Ranch Leavenworth

Golden Yellow August Wedding | Pine River Ranch Leavenworth

I have to tell you guys, it is so exciting for me to see new wedding pictures when they come my way! This beautiful wedding has been a long time coming for me because I found photographer Nicole Goddard‘s blog when she featured Jake and Brooke’s Engagement Session last March at Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle! She had some amazing shots and I knew that she was going to do a great job of capturing their wedding day at Pine River Ranch! Fasten your seat belts because I have a TON of beautiful new pictures for you that Nicole was nice enough to share from Jake and Brooke’s beautiful Leavenworth wedding. (And when I say a ton, I mean a ton!)
I told Nicole right off the bat that I was so excited to feature her photos because she found new shots from angles that I haven’t seen any other photographers find before! I love the rustic collage that she put together above.
Meet The Bride Brooke
Meet The Groom Jake
Their first reveal!

They spent some time wondering around the 22 acres looking for their favorite picture spots! Brooke and Jake got some great photos in front of our 1944 restored dairy barn

Some great lighting by the barn doors!
The wild flowers in the corral are in full bloom during the summer!Brooke and Jake took advantage of the entire 22 acres for great photography around Pine River Ranch.
Love the reflection in the water!
This is one of those great shots I was talking about that Nicole captured in a unique place with the silo peaking through the trees! I’m beginning to wonder if Brooke still has her cute yellow shoes on, that’s a lot of walking for the day! ;)
After a great day of picture taking it was time for the beautiful ceremony! Brooke and Jake snuck one more photo before heading into the barn for the receptionMaking their grand entrance as husband and wife! Always a great moment!Onto a wonderful ceremony full of laughter, fun, (maybe a little embarrassment from the toasts) and dancing! After a long fun-filled day of celebration and joy Brooke and Jake were able to start their honeymoon in a beautiful suite at Pine River Ranch with hand peeled log beds, river rock fireplaces and jacuzzi spas. Bed and Breakfast Suite at Pine River Ranch in Leavenworth, WAAs always, any Photographers, Brides, Grooms or Family that want to share their photos; I’d love to feature them! Send me an email to ngourlie{at}
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