Thursday, February 3, 2011

Creative Honeymoon Ideas after the “I Do”

My husband and I got married in early June and we moved into our house the week before our wedding (NOT recommended!) And this wasn’t just a normal move, the house we bought was a 100% complete, exhaustive, whole nine yards kind of remodel, like the kind you see on TV where you ripe out walls, redo the ENTIRE kitchen, doors, floorboards etc. The owners before us had multiple pets and a couple bad habits that left the house in unlivable shape. Did I mention we did the entire project ourselves with the help of some dear (skilled professional) friends…in 14 days…yes, we are crazy. Anyways, the point of my story is that I did not have a lot of time or energy to put creative touches that I love so much into our wedding. Our honeymoon was 4 months later after things had settled down and I really wanted to bring along a few fun photo ideas that I didn’t have time to put together for the wedding. I spent some time looking on the web for any “creative honeymoon ideas” and came up short, so I felt inspired to share my honeymoon with you!
We had a wonderful honeymoon in Cozumel, Mexico and were lucky enough to stay at a beautiful resort as a gift from Jay’s parents. It was in the middle of no where and did not feel like an Americanized tourist trap at all which I absolutely loved! The architecture and the structures of the buildings felt like old Mexico and I loved every minute of it!
These were taken with my ultra-professional Nikon Coolpix camera ;) (I wish I could have brought our wedding photographer Laura Marchbanks in my suitcase because these probably would have turned out a bit cooler!) I had the intention of our shoes being the focus and us blurred out in the background, but when your waiter takes the picture with your pocket size Nikon in one hand and piña colada in the other and you don’t have photoshop, this is what you get! I still love the picture tho and maybe someday I’ll send it to one of my “photo guru” friends to fix it up!
I had a wonderful vision for this photo with our rings and it turned out pretty close to what I wanted, the only thing missing was…Jay’s ring! My brand new husband forgot his wedding ring at home before the honeymoon! Can you believe it!
We ventured away from our resort for lunch one day and snapped this picture with the beautiful natural background.
Our waiter grabbed a leaf from the tree near our table and made me this grasshopper! How cool is that! It took him all of 35 seconds to make!
These cool old fountains were all over the resort and the first day I saw it I had a great picture idea…
At the last minute I said “Honey, hop in!” and didn’t give him a chance to argue! We were so lucky to have such a wonderful honeymoon and hopefully you enjoyed some of the pictures and feel inspired! If you have any neat honeymoon pictures feel free to send them my way! I’d love to feature them on the blog for future honeymooners! (ngourlie{at}

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