Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Before and After Tree Trimming Views at Pine River Ranch

Summer Projects at Pine River Ranch

This week we tackled a large project just in time for summer and the great bird watching season here in Leavenworth. We opened up breathtaking views at Pine River Ranch by trimming back the trees! We love nature and the trees on the property are absolutely gorgeous, but as you can see in some of our before and after videos and pictures, trimming back some branches will give guests spectacular views of our 22 acre countryside.
This is the "Before View" off the private deck of the Nason Suite

A panoramic view off the deck of Nason Suite: Before View from Nason Suite. My video file is too large to post and I have wasted way to much time trying to resize it :/ So please check out the link! Then immediately after, watch the "After view" View from Nason Suite at Pine River Ranch for an amazing and breathtaking view!
Hard at work off the porch of the Lodgepole Suite

Trimming back the branches opened up a great view of the valley as well as the pond for the Nason, Natapoc, Lodgepole and Ponderosa Suite.
Before the "Tree Trimming" you could barely see the top of the mountain! Now the view is amazing! Plus, in the summer, the fields are full of white wildflowers! We also trimmed the trees off the back deck of the Barn Wedding Venue opening up views of the pond, meadows and hillside. The boys spent the afternoon chipping the branches and cleaning up the grounds. It was a team effort and a lot of rewarding work!I was in charge of lunch making and picture taking! Finally captured the hummingbirds in the frame! This is the view from our computer chair in the main house. Sure makes working go by a lot faster when you have a beautiful view and hummingbirds feeding away!We also put up privacy fences off the decks of Lodgepole and Ponderosa! Nason and Natapoc are next and will hopefully be done by next weekend.
This is the deck off the balcony of the Lodgepole Suite. Now you can enjoy your morning coffee in complete privacy with a wonderful view!
Hopefully these photos have inspired you to take a romantic trip and get away from the daily grind. When was the last time you were woken up by birds chirping or frogs croaking and enjoyed breakfast in bed with your companion?
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