Monday, August 29, 2011

Bird Watching at Pine River Ranch

Early this summer we hosted a trip for the Wenatchee River Ranger District to come bird watching on our property here at Pine River Ranch. They spent the day observing throughout our property and traveled to Nason Creek where they observed 31 different kinds of birds. Leavenworth, Washington is a fantastic area for bird watching enthusiasts and beginners because of the vast range of habitats like snow-capped mountains, ponderosa pine forests full of sun, riparian zones and shrub-steppe. If you come to Leavenworth during May you will hear songs from birds sung only during the breeding season.
For our bed and breakfasts guests, each Suite has bird watching guide books and binoculars for your enjoyment to watch birds from your private deck, or for the more avid bird watcher, you can also take the bird watching guide books with you while you "take a hike" on our nature trail that winds around the property. You'll be sure to see many species of swallows, warblers and sparrows on your walk and most guests also see ospreys and even the occasional eagles. The trail winds down to Nason Creek where it is also very fun to pack a picnic lunch to bring with you during the warm summer months!

The Wenatchee River Ranger District bird watching members were nice enough to share their "Ebird" report with us of the trip!

Location:     Nason Creek - Pine River Ranch

Notes:     Weather: clearing after heavy rains of morning, pleasant. River rising, soils moist, vegetation in budding and in leaf. Birding by foot around Pine River Ranch on Bird Fest field trip Birds Of Bavaria (BOB).
Number of species:     31
Canada Goose     21     Two sets of parents in pond with 2 sets of young; remaining adults in grasses.
Turkey Vulture     2     Overhead flights.
Osprey     4     Two nests seen from Pine River Ranch pastures, active with adults on or next to.

Rufous Hummingbird     8     At feeders
Pileated Woodpecker     1     Heard one from deep woods.
Olive-sided Flycatcher     1     First of season hearing "quick, three beers".
Dusky Flycatcher     1     Visual and audio.
Steller's Jay     4

American Crow     5
Northern Rough-winged Swallow     10     Mixed swallow group massing between barn and pond. Looks like nesting in holes in barn.
Tree Swallow     10     Mixed swallow group massing between barn and pond. Looks like nesting in holes in barn.

Violet-green Swallow     20     Mixed swallow group massing between barn and pond. Looks like nesting in holes in barn.
Red-breasted Nuthatch     3
House Wren     1

American Robin     2
Nashville Warbler     4     Heard and saw in shrubs near riparian and pasture shrubs.
Yellow Warbler     5     Great views with binos and scopes, at pond in willows.

Yellow-rumped Warbler     14     Excellent views of flycatching from cattails and willows over pond. Close up of "butter butt" by all. Found at house, pond, river.
Townsend's Warbler     2     Heard and saw in shrubs.
Spotted Towhee     2

Chipping Sparrow     2     In pasture shrubs.
Song Sparrow     1
White-crowned Sparrow     1     Mixed with Golden-crowned Sparrow in pasture shrubs.

Golden-crowned Sparrow     3     Mixed with White-crowned Sparrow in pasture shrubs.
Dark-eyed Junco     6
Western Tanager     2     Excellent views with eye, binos and scopes - perching from willow over pond.
Black-headed Grosbeak     1     Singing over house.

Red-winged Blackbird     8     Mostly at pond, also heard more.
Brown-headed Cowbird     5     On pasture fence-lines and tops of shrubs.

Purple Finch     4     Birds very wet from rain, in shrubs near wetlands.
Evening Grosbeak     4     At feeders and overhead flight.
A big Thanks to the Wenatchee River Ranger District for sharing your report with us and we look forward to your field trip next year!

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