Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scenic Views from Leavenworth, Washington

Pine River Ranch Bed and Breakfast is located 1 mile off of one of the most beautiful and scenic routes in Washington State.  If you are traveling from Seattle to come see us the 2 hour drive goes by so fast with the breathtaking views you hardly have time to mutter "are we there yet?" There are two easy routes to get to Pine River Ranch coming from the West Side of Washington State, and we recommend Highway 2 for it's beautiful scenery.

Starting in Seattle you will pass through Monroe, Sultan and Goldbar. If you are taking your time to get here we recommend a stop at the Sultan Bakery for fresh pastries or a delicious home made meal. After this, stops for gas and food become a little more scare, but there are still towns to pull off in like Skykomish and at the top of Stevens Pass. Along the way you will see the winding Skykomish river, and follow a long stretch of railroad tracks in the beautiful scenery.

The photos below were sent to us by one of our wonderful guests Sheila Shelton from her recent trip to Pine River Ranch. While they were at Pine River Ranch, we were chatting and they mentioned that they were interested in going on a day hike and we joined them for a wonderful hike at Hidden Lake. We drove about 3 miles from Pine River Ranch to the start of the hike. The hike was about a three quarters of a mile (each way) of very easy trails if you're looking for a hike that you don't want to break a sweat! Round trip takes about an hour. Once you reach Hidden Lake there are massive Ponderosa Pines surrounding that lake and depending on the time of day and season you hike, there may be a few fishermen on the outskirts of the lake and on a hot summers day you are bound to catch swimmers. Sheila captured some great views of the crystal clear water at Hidden Lake and throughout Leavenworth that she was so nice to share with us.

During the winter this will be an amazing hike and you can borrow our snow shoes for your outing!

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