Monday, August 16, 2010

Hot Pink & Black Inspired Wedding | Robby and Alyssa

Starting the Pine River Ranch Wedding blog has been so much fun. I love that I am able to share the captured moments from each wedding with all of you. Being able to watch each wedding take place then  then seeing it transform into photos for each couple to cherish for a lifetime has been so wonderful and makes me love my job everyday.
I recently asked our bloggers to send me pictures from their wedding at Pine River Ranch so that I can share them with our future brides and grooms and Alyssa and Robby answered my request! Thank you so much Alyssa for sharing your special day with all of our bloggers! I hope that everytime you look back on these photos you remember the love and joy of each and every moment. 

Alyssa wanted to thank her photographer Peter Lunstrum for the great photos.
I love photos taken during the ceremony and looking at the faces of the brides and grooms. There are so many emotions leading up to the moment where you say "I Do." It's a culmination of events where the flowers, hair, dress and decorations don't matter and you remember why you are really there; to marry the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. You see love, happiness, nerves, shock and awe and my personal favorite when the bride and groom realize "Wow, we just got married!"

Pretty in Pink!
What a great groomscake! Although that chocolate looks mouthwatering!

Thanks Robby and Alyssa for sharing your wonderful photos with us! I hope seeing this blog takes you back in time and you remember the amazing day that will shape the rest of your life!
I'll leave you with a note Alyssa and Robby wrote us after their wedding:

Dear Tim, Karen & Staff,
We cannot thank you enough for the amazing job you did on our wedding! Everything went so well and everyone was so pleased. We look forward to visiting for years to come :)
Excellent Job and Many Thanks,

Alyssa and Robby
I would love for other brides and grooms to share their great wedding pictures with us as well. Please email your photos to: or find us on facebook to upload your photos.

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  1. Great wedding photos! What a great place to get