Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Countryside Charm and a Beautiful Lace Ball-Gown Wedding Dress

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Molly and Josh had a beautiful wedding here in Leavenworth, Washington in July that made us feel right at home at Pine River Ranch.  Molly did most of the wedding decorations herself and the touches of the countryside in their place settings, table centerpieces and decorations filled the venue.
Many of you may remember photographer Maija Karin who shot Katie and Dereck’s Wedding that was featured last July (remember Dereck’s adorable daughter Kyah who made the cutest flower girl!) Well we have her to thank again for another stunning set of wedding pictures at Molly and Josh’s big day.
Molly’s grand entrance into the ceremony in her beautiful ball-gown style lace wedding dress was a show stopper, I won’t spoil the surprise but I’ll let you see for yourself in the pictures below!
How about this kiss for their first reveal! I think Josh liked the dress ;)
Maija said Molly and Josh made her job easy with the beautiful dramatic poses! Molly and Josh were all smiles the entire day!
Molly needed a little bit of help from her bridesmaids to travel through the fields and hold up her ball gown!
The fields of daisies surrounding Pine River Ranch are beautiful in the summertime and are always a brides favorite!
The bridesmaids looked great in their light green dresses and beautiful bouquets
What a fun shot!
Meet Vivy, Molly’s other best friend!
Remember last weeks grand exit from Jenny and Tom on the tandem bicycle? Well I think they have a run for their money from Molly! The guest received quite a surprise when Molly was brought to the ceremony riding Vivy the horse bareback
Molly and Josh wrote their own heartwarming vows which were so touching and unique, you could feel their deep love for each other and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!
I love the way Molly hung the flowers on the arbor and what a great first kiss!
Their love for animals made great table centerpieces at the receptionMaija caught a great shot of Molly and Josh during their toasts at the wedding ceremony.
The celebrations continued into the late hours of the night and guests waved sparklers as Molly and Josh made their exit for the night to our Bed and Breakfast at Pine River Ranch.
Is this not a great photo!?
Molly and Josh began their honeymoon in style in one of our 6 private Cabin Suites! After a long night of dancing, celebrating and enjoying every possible moment of fun a relaxing Jacuzzi Spa for 2 is just what a bride and groom need! Molly and Josh were able to flip on their romantic gas fireplace, draw a hot jacuzzi spa and begin the perfect honeymoon.  
As always, any Photographers, Brides, Grooms or Family that want to share their photos; I’d love to feature them! Send me an email to ngourlie{at}yahoo.com

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