Thursday, November 4, 2010

Leavenworth, WA Wedding | Tandem Bicycles, Memorable First Dances and Beautiful Sunsets

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This wedding is going to make you say "WOW"! 
I was blown away by the amazing details, thoughts and absolutely stunning photography from talented photographer Saskia M! Our wedding couple, were married in August at Pine River Ranch Wedding Venue, and as you will be able to see for yourself, they are one genuine, happy, spontaneous and fun-loving couple!
This is a great view of the Wedding Venue here at Pine River Ranch. With 22 acres at your disposal, you are guaranteed to get breathtaking photos
 If you're like me, your already anticipating the beautiful photos Saskia captured as the sun was shining at the Ranch. Our Nature Trail throughout the property serves as the perfect picture setting.
 I had to sneak a couple of my favorite shots in to build the anticipation, now we can resume the chronological order of the wedding! Starting with the Bride and Groom getting ready. At Pine River Ranch the Bride and Groom have separate dressing suites so they can get ready without risking the chance of accidently seeing one another! (And they are plenty big enough for the entire wedding party!)
Like I said earlier, the details were so thought out. Tom adorned his suite with a bicycle pin, and you'll see why later!


Fields of daises with the setting sun was a beautiful backdrop

 Remember that bicycle pin Tom had on earlier? A bicycle built for two!
Their ceremony was so enjoyable, I love it when a couple goes outside the boundary of "traditional." Their ceremony had three acts: stories, advice and union. The advice portion included words of wisdom from two of the most intelligent people they know: Their Mothers! And as you can see captured in the laughs below, I think the advice from Tom's Mother may have been "untraditional"
Something I can tell you about Tom and Jenny is that they love to dance, their ceremony also included a song where they had their "pre-first dance" (that went a little longer than expected!)
They ended their union by sealing a bottle of wine with their vows in a handmade box. They are going to open their box years down the road on their anniversary.
And now for a grand exit unlike anything you've ever seen! Jenny you are one brave gal!
A tandem bike built for two!
They continued the tandem bike theme in their stationary and place settings designed by Tom's sister Joanna Woitkowiak. 
The beautiful flower arrangements were bought at Pike Place Market.
And if Tom and Jenny couldn't get any better, their "official" first dance had everyone at the reception in tears; tears of joy and laughter that is! Their lively first dances were the perfect ending to a wonderful night.

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